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Radio Frequency (RF) Welders | Thermoformers | Packaging Machines

ZEMAT Technology Group is a leading European and American design and manufacturing company of Radio Frequency Welders (RF Welders).

We have more than 5000 machines installed worldwide and almost 60 years of engineering design and production experience.

Our RF welders are used practically in all industries: packaging, medical, rehabilitation, safety, furniture, automotive, advertising, interior decoration, construction and architecture, agriculture among others.

Radio frequency welders

RF Welders

Large format billboards, tents, truck covers, swimming pool covers, oil booms, water tanks, airport hangars, conveyor belts and many more...

Vacuum formers


Cosmetics and accessories, packaging (toys and electronics), medical and healthcare equipment, automotive interiors and parts and many more...

Boxmakers, Roller Die cutter, Packaging Machines

Roller Die Cutters

Box production, FEFCO boxes, cardboard cutting, hard foils, PVC, PP, PET, PE, HDPE, thermoformed films

We ensure complete solutions for Radio Rrequency (RF) welding.

Contact with us:

Zemat Technology Group USA
Baltimore, MD 21133
Phone: (410) 609-3080
e-mail: info-us@zemat.com

EU Office and Manufacturing Plant:
Zemat Technology Group, Ltd.
Brukowa 26
91-341 Lodz, Poland
Phone: +48 42 632 84 84
Fax: +48 42 299 60 46

Our websites:
www.highfrequencywelders.net | www.highfrequencywelders.com

Polish sites:
www.mobilab.com.pl - EMF/EMC Testing Laboratory
www.formierkiprozniowe.pl - thermoforming machines